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Alf Göransson CEO of Securitas was declared bankrupt by impersonation

Alf Göransson is the executive director of Securitas, one of the largest security companies in the world, but as a paradox he was a victim of identity theft.
On July 10, a notice from the Stockholm District Court reached Alf Göransson, executive president of the Securitas AB company, informing him that he was bankrupt.
Someone had acquired their personal data and used them to request a loan in their name. After this, a bankruptcy application was filed with the competent authorities.
The request was accepted by the courts and, consequently, the Swedish Company Registration Office decided to withdraw the name of the manager from the archives where he was listed as CEO of the company.
Given the magnitude of the incident, it was Securitas AB herself who informed the press of what happened in a statement.

Anyone could be a phishing victim

Months ago Göransson was already aware that someone else had his personal data. The businessman found out in early April the request for a loan at the end of March in his name, so he reported it to the police.
However, he could not find out what kind of credit it was, the amount it amounted to or whether it had been paid or not.
Göransson had fallen victim to phishingo phishing, a crime that occurs when someone gets a set of data that allow him to impersonate another person.

The full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, bank account number … Sometimes, only with information as scarce as this one can falsify applications for loans, credit cards or telephone contracts.
In the United States and in many countries around the world, data on half of phishing victims are used in government documents, such as grant requests, according to the Insurance Information Institute, a state-based organization United).
These types of cases are on the rise in Sweden, where 12,800 crimes of this type were recorded during the first half of the year, according to the Bloomberg agency.
Since filing the complaint, Göransson did not receive any more news … until this week, when he was informed that he was bankrupt.

Securitas AB offers physical but also digital security services, so for many it has been ironic that its president has been the victim of identity theft.
In 2016, the company invoiced US $ 10,536 million, has 330,000 workers and operates in Europe and America.

After denouncing the counterfeit bankruptcy petition on Monday, Göransson appealed the bankruptcy to justice.
The appeals court ruled in his favor two days later, so the manager is no longer bankrupt and has just been reinstated in the Swedish Company Registration Office as director and president of the company.


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