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How to Install Prestashop in Hosting Dipzo

In this tutorial we will learn How to Install Prestashop on our Dipzo server quickly and easily; This tutorial also works in CPanel 60.0 onwards.

Prestashop is a very intuitive and easy to use tool if you are not an expert programmer, during this tutorial I will guide you so that our CMS (Content Management System) is correctly installed and we have no problem.

To learn how to install Prestashop, we must follow this tutorial step by step.

1. Lo primero que debemos hacer es ingresar a nuestro CPanel 60.0 o superior.

At the moment you acquire a hosting, you get a CPanel to manage your services. The access data will be provided by the hosting provider. At the moment we acquire the hosting with our Dipzo provider, we get a fully updated CPanel to configure our services.

2. At the bottom of the page, we look for SOFTACULOUS APP INSTALER and click.

At the time of entering our CPanel, we look for the end of the page the option that says Softaculous App Instaler and enter there.

3. Select the Prestashop Option

We look for the Prestashop logo and select it to be able to enter the installation configuration.

4. Seleccionar Instalar

Damos click en el botón Install

En este momento hacemos la configuración correspondiente.

  • We select the version (I recommend version 1.6)
  • Select Protocol: If you have SSL certificate choose”https://”
  • In Domain Enter our web address.
  • In Directory let’s choose where we want to install.
  • Storage Name enter name of your page.
  • Admin Folder Antigua is the name of the subdomain where you enter the Prestashop Dashboard(http://tutienda.com/dashboard).
  • Email Administrator with this information you enter your dashboard.
  • Password Administrator to enter the dashboard.
  • Name.
  • Surnames.

We finish by clicking on Install. You can see a video tutorial of how to install Prestashop visit our channel here

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